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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Is there an area in the book in which Scout is quoted as saying that Boo had grey eyes, and if so, where?

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In the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird, there are many descriptions of Boo Radley. For example, the children believe that Boo has rotten, yellow teeth, hands that are stained with blood, and eyes that "popped." The children are terrified of the Radley property and believe that anything found on the property has been poisoned. Throughout the story, the children seem to change their perception of Boo. Scout and Jem find small gifts left in the knot-hole of a tree, and Jem finds his pants mended and folded after losing them in an attempt to escape the property. While they may no longer fear the property, Boo is still an unknown to them. At the end of the story, Scout sees Boo standing in the room as she tells the story of what happened on the way home from the school play. She provides a description of Boo, stating that his face and skin were white and that "his gray eyes were so colorless" that she thought he may be blind.

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Yes. Scout comments on Boo Radley's gray eyes towards the end of chapter 29.

Boo Radley remains a mysterious character for the majority of Scout and Jem's childhood but comes to their rescue in chapter 28 when Bob Ewell viciously attacks them. After Boo saves the children and kills Bob Ewell, he carries Jem home, where Dr. Reynolds arrives to take care of him.

At the end of chapter 29, Scout finally sees Arthur "Boo" Radley for the first time in Jem's bedroom and begins to describe his appearance by mentioning that he has extremely white skin. Scout also mentions that Boo Radley has hollow cheeks and a wide, thin mouth. Scout then comments on Boo Radley's gray eyes, which are so colorless that she assumes he is blind. In addition to his white skin, gray eyes, and gaunt appearance, Scout also notices his feathery, dead hair. After examining Boo standing quietly in the corner of Jem's room, Scout's eyes begin to tear up as she says, "Hey, Boo" (Lee, 274).

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