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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Pleas help with this assignment: Make up sentences relating to To Kill a Mockingbird using demure, divulge, forestall, garble, recoil and rivulet.

In order to do this assignment, the student must know the definitions of the vocabulary words and how these words relate to the novel, which will help give context for how to use the words in a sentence. Note that any sentence written should illuminate the meaning of the word in question.

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To assist with this assignment, I can help you understand the meanings of these words and give you some pointers for how to use them in sentences that relate to the novel. Any sentence you write should demonstrate the meaning of the word you are using.

Demure means shy and docile. It is a word often applied to women. Demure is the opposite of Scout's personality. Therefore you might in your sentence point to ways Scout is not demure.

Divulge means to tell, as in telling a secret. Jem sometimes tells Scout secrets about his plans regarding Boo Radley, such as sneaking into the Radley backyard.

Forestall means to prevent. Think about when Scout helps prevent the lynching of Tom Robinson, for example.

Garble means to mix up, as in mixing up words. Try to think of an exciting spot in the novel where a character might garble words. Perhaps Jem gets so upset at the trial verdict that he gets his words mixed up.

Recoil means to step back in horror. This could be applied to a sentence about Boo Radley.

A rivulet is a very small stream of water and is often used to refer to sweat or tears. Can you think of a time when a character might have rivulets of tears or sweat running down their body?

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