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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, where do Tom Robinson and the Cunninghams live?

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In Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, most of the action takes place within the city limits of Maycomb. However, Scout also makes references to surrounding areas within the county of Maycomb. For example, Finch's Landing is one of the first plantations in Maycomb County settled by Scout's ancestors. It is twenty miles west of the town of Maycomb. South of the town of Maycomb lives the African American population with Tom Robinson and his family. The African American community also has a church that they use on Sundays in that area. In addition, the southern part of the county is where Bob Ewell and his children live. In fact, they live so close to the dump that the children are known to scrounge around the dump for their dinner. This is important to know because Tom and Helen have to walk past Bob Ewell's house and the dump in order to get to work at Link Deas' place.

To the north of the town of Maycomb is a location that Scout refers to as "Old Sarum." This is where the Cunninghams have lived for generations. They are poor farmers who struggle to find ways to feed themselves during the Great Depression. Therefore, the Cunninghams live north of the town of Maycomb in Old Sarum, while the Robinsons live in the southern end of the county, where the dump is also located.

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Tom Robinson and his wife, Helen, and family live in the Quarters, where most of Maycomb's African Americans reside. The Quarters is located "outside the southern town limits" and across the railroad tracks. It can be reached by "a small dirt road [that] ran from the highway past the dump," behind which the Ewells lived. As for the Cunninghams, they lived in Old Sarum, a rural area of mostly farm land found "in the northern part of the county." None of these locations would be found within the Maycomb city limits, but could be included on a larger scale map or model. Check out eNotes' excellent illustration of the Map of Maycomb at the link posted below.

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