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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, what does Scout like and dislike?

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Scout's likes include reading the paper with Atticus, inventing games to play with Dill and Jem, and running wild. She describes the summer as a time of "routine contentment" that includes working on the treehouse that is built on two chinaberry trees in the backyard and performing dramas based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and others. She also enjoys inventing tales about Boo Radley and spending time with Atticus, Uncle Jack, Miss Maudie, and Calpurnia.

Scout dislikes school because her teacher doesn't understand her and she is bored (as she is far ahead of the other children of her age), and she dislikes Aunt Alexandra because her aunt bosses her around and expects her to act like a lady. In addition, Scout dislikes Mrs. Dubose, who is cruel to her and Jem and who taunts them about Scout's unladylike behavior and about their father's defense of Tom Robinson. Scout truly dislikes the unfair way in which Tom Robinson is treated and the unjust nature of his trial. 

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Scout is not a typical "girl", and her likes and dislikes revolve around her independent spirit.  Here are a few ideas of her likes and dislikes:


  • Playing with Jem and Dill.  She likes to roll around inside old tires and play games like a boy with her brother and friend.
  • She likes to wear pants and get dirty.
  • She likes to read the paper with Atticus every night and learn new words.
  • She likes Calpurnia's cooking.
  • She likes Miss Maudie and her garden of flowers.
  • She likes the items Boo leaves in the tree for her.


  • She dislikes being treated like a girl and expecting to act like one.  This becomes a problem when Aunt Alexandria, who Scout really doesn't like that much, comes to live with them and expects Scout to join her at a tea party.
  • She hates school because she gets in trouble the first day, and because it is boring.  Scout is smart for her age, and school is too slow for her.
  • She dislikes Nathan Radley and Mrs. Dubose because they are mean and not friendly.

Here are just a few. I hope that helps!

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