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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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What was the black community in Maycomb county like? in an essay has to be long  

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The black community of Maycomb county was probably stratified much as the white community was. There were the "church going" black people, and the housekeepers for the "good" families in Maycomb county who may have been in the upper level of the social strata, and there were laborers. We are not told in the book very much about the organization of the black community.

We do know that Calpurnia derives some of her social status in the black community for the household in which she works. We also know that when she takes the Finch children to her church that she really gets them cleaned up and shined up so "her children will look good in the congregation".

At the end of the book, the black community brings gifts of food to Atticus Finch's home.  This is a tribute of honor to his efforts in defending Tom Robinson.

You will need to craft an essay from what you can learn about black communities in the depression era, this book, and perhaps even your own local history.

Good luck!

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