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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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How does Dill arrive in Maycomb for his second summer from Meridian?

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Charles Baker Harris, better known as Dill, spends his summers in Maycomb with the Finch kids. He is full of imagination and prone to creative storytelling. His curiosity pulls Scout and Jem into a number of small adventures.

Dill arrives for the second time in Maycomb in Chapter 14. We hear about how he got to Maycomb from Dill himself. Of course, since Dill is prone to imaginative and creative storytelling (fibbing), it is unclear exactly how much of his story is to be believed. In fact, Dill tells two different and contradictory versions.

In one (very dubious) version, he was chained in his basement by his mother's boyfriend. After he escapes, he joins a traveling circus where he works as a camel washer. He travels around Mississipi with the circus until it ends up just across the river from Maycomb. He then walks into town from there.

In another (somewhat more believable, but still dubious) version, Dill says that he took the train after stealing thirteen dollars from his mother. After getting off at Maycomb Junction, he walks about ten or eleven miles. Then, he says, he had ridden the rest of the way holding on to the back of a cotton wagon.

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Charles Baker Harris, better known as Dill, is introduced in the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird. Dill is in Maycomb County to spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel. He is small for his age, and often has a tale to tell. It is with Dill that Scout and Jem begin their attempts at getting Boo Radley to come outside. When he first learns about Boo Radley, Dill becomes obsessed with the Radley place and the idea of seeing Boo. Dill returns to Meridian before school starts in September.

Dill arrives by train to spend his second summer in Maycomb County. Scout points out that Dill takes the train by himself from Meridian to Maycomb Junction. He claims to have "helped the engineer" along the way. He then rides in Maycomb's only taxi with Miss Rachel.

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Dill rode the train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction.  There, Miss Rachel picked him up and they took a taxi.

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