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I, Tina

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

When Tina Turner won a Grammy in 1985 for the best record of the year, the award was the culmination of more than twenty-five years of hard work in the music business. In addition, it was a validation of her talent and ability as a solo artist--not merely the female half of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. In her revealing autobiography, Turner describes the long road to her Grammy.

Her life with Ike Turner included 360 days a year of touring on the road. Between shows, she suffered from her husband’s physical abuse and his constant, blatant infidelities. From her childhood picking cotton in Tennessee, through her years as Ike’s virtual prisoner, to her triumphant status as reigning queen of rock and roll, Turner’s honest account of her life never glosses over unpleasantness. However, she never stoops to cheap shots or gratuitous personal attacks. Even Ike is portrayed more with pity than with venom.

Sharing the pages with Turner is ROLLING STONE editor Kurt Loder, whose narrative places Tina’s memoirs in their historical and musical context. Further enriching the book are various friends and relatives--even Ike -- who have contributed their memories of the significant events in Turner’s life. Altogether, I, TINA is more than a gritty account of the pop music world where drugs, sex, and violence compete with onstage triumphs; it is a moving account of a remarkable woman’s achievements and a portrait of a gracious individual whose success is well-deserved.