Timon of Athens Overview Quiz

Shakespeare's Timon of Athens is widely regarded as his most challenging and obscure work. Take eNotes' Timon of Athens Overview Quiz to see if you've got what it takes to take on this play.

  1. What location does Timon chose for his exile?

  2. What do the Senators do when Alcibiades pleads for mercy for a friend who is on trial for murderl?

  3. Why has Timon's friend Ventidius been imprisoned?

  4. What does Timon find as he digs for something to eat?

  5. What is Timon's reaction when he learns that Alcibiades is going to attack Athens?

  6. Why do the usurers servants leave Timon's house?

  7. Why isn't Timon worried about his situation?

  8. What character trait of Timon's gets him in trouble?

  9. What does TImon have his servant do to all the friends who have turned him down in his time of need?

  10. What bad news does Timon's servant give him?

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