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The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

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What does Weena do with the Time Traveler's pockets in chapter 7 of The Time Machine?

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In The Time Machine, Weena decides that the Time Traveler's pockets must be some sort of receptacle for flowers, so she puts flowers into them.

Weena is the young Eloi girl who befriends the Time Traveler when he finds himself far in the future. Weena is innocent and charming, and she delights the Time Traveler with her antics. She has the most difficult time figuring out the Time Traveler's pockets, for apparently the Eloi have no such features in their garments. She is puzzled as she watches him pull things in and out of his pockets.

Eventually Weena decides that the best use for pockets must be decoration. She runs about picking flowers with both hands and carefully sticks them into the Time Traveler's pockets. She seems to enjoy the effect, and we are enchanted by the mental picture of flowers poking out of the Time Traveler's pockets.

In fact, as the Time Traveler is talking with his guests, he pulls two white flowers out of one of his pockets and puts them on the table. The guests are perplexed by these little flowers, and the Medical Man declares that he cannot recognize their natural order. He would like to keep them, but the Time Traveler refuses. The Medical Man asks where the Time Traveler really got such strange flowers, and the Time Traveler once again insists that Weena put them into his pocket.

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