Historical Context


Colonial Literature and Independence
Although the conquistadors destroyed the libraries of...

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Literary Style

Excepting a few geniuses—like Joanot Martorell and Victor Hugo whose Les Miserables Vargas Llosa read while...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

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(Masterpieces of American Fiction)

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Compare and Contrast

1960s: In response to the Cuban Revolution, a force of U.S. CIA-trained Cuban exiles invade Cuba unsuccessfully in 1961 (an incident...

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Topics for Further Study

The initiation rituals described in the novel are also known by the term "hazing." Research the role of hazing in neighborhoods, gangs,...

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What Do I Read Next?

In his second novel, La casa verde (1966; translation by Gregory Rabassa published as The Green House 1968), Vargas Llosa again...

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