In the Time of the Butterflies Overview Quiz

What do you know about the four Mirabal sisters— also known as Las Mariposas (“the butterflies”)—and their part in the political movement against a Dominican dictator? This eNotes quiz on In the Time of the Butterflies contains ten questions about Minerva, Mate, Patria, and Dedé that will help you test your knowledge.

  1. What do the sisters use to smuggle items while in prison?

  2. What is the name of the dictator who terrorizes the Dominican Republic?

  3. What college degree does Minerva obtain?

  4. On whom does the dictator Trujillo develop a crush?

  5. Why doesn't Dedé join the movement?

  6. What object frequently occurs in Maria Teresa's ("Mate's") dreams?

  7. Which of the sisters was the most religious?

  8. Who is the sole surviving Mirabal sister?

  9. What secret does Minerva discover about her father?

  10. Where is Minerva really going when she skips school?

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