In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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Questions and Answers Part II: Chapters 5-8

1. Dedé tells her companions she watches sports but doesn’t play them. In retrospect, what does this reveal about her character?

2. “Something has started none of us can stop,” says Minerva. What does she mean by this remark?

3. How does Minerva’s pride both help and hurt her in initial interactions with Trujillo?

4. How does María Teresa get involved in the movement to overthrow Trujillo?

5. What impacts Patria’s decision to join the movement?

1. Dedé’s initial fear of embarrassment and risk-taking lead her to make major decisions based on fear, rather than her feelings. Her fear prevents her from getting to know Virgilio and leads her to marry Jaimito, and it also keeps her from participating in the politics that bring her sisters together in a united front against Trujillo.

2. Minerva’s resistance to El Jefe’s attention and her association with Lío have brought the family notoriety, and they will...

(The entire section is 320 words.)