In the Time of the Butterflies Summary and Analysis Part II: Chapters 5-8

Julia Alvarez

Summary and Analysis Part II: Chapters 5-8

New Characters
Minou: Minerva’s daughter, raised by Dedé after the murders

Virgilio Morales (Lío ): a revolutionary who befriends Dedé and loves Minerva

Manuel de Moya: Trujillo’s Secretary of State, who helps the dictator meet women

Margarita: an illegitimate daughter fathered by Papá

Don Chiche: a relative of Mamá whose connection to Trujillo protects the family

Raul and Berto: brothers who fight over María Teresa’s attention

Manolo: political “enemy of state” whom Minerva marries

Leandro Guzmán (Palomino): a member of the underground whom María Teresa marries


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