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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. After Adam Wexler's murder, why is Gwen Wexler the strong one while Davey falls apart, yet later Davey is strong and her mother sinks into a depression? What effect does the mother's breakdown have on her children?

2. What is in the paper bag on Davey's closet shelf, and why does she keep it there? Why does she finally get rid of the bag's contents?

3. Why does Wolf send Davey a stone from California? What kind of stone is it?

4. Wolf is a National Merit Scholarship winner and a student at Cal Tech. Why is this important to the story?

5. What different groups of students are found at Los Alamos High School? How do they compare with the students at your school?

6. What is the significance of Bathtub Row?

7. Why did Davey decide to become a candy striper? Was she happy with her decision?

8. Davey finds that there are a large number of clubs and churches in Los Alamos. Why might this be the case?

9. What does Davey buy her father for Christmas? Why does she buy him a gift?