The Tidings Brought to Mary Characters

Paul Claudel

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Violaine Vercors

Violaine Vercors (vyoh-LEHN vehr-KOHR), the eighteen-year-old daughter of Anne and Elisabeth, and Mara’s older sister. She is engaged to marry Jacques Hury, a farmer. In the prologue, she forgives Pierre de Craon, a mason who had attempted to rape her. He now suffers from leprosy. As he is about to leave their village for Rheims to build a church appropriately named Holy Justice, Violaine gives him her engagement ring as a contribution to the construction costs. She then kisses Pierre as a sign of her forgiveness. She thus becomes infected with leprosy, from which she will die. Although she loves Jacques, her fiancé, she tells him that they can never marry each other. After she leaves their village of Combernon, he marries her younger sister, Mara. When their baby Aubaine dies, Mara implores Violaine to pray to God so that Aubaine may live. Aubaine is miraculously restored to life. As the play ends, Violaine encourages her father, her sister, and her brother-in-law to appreciate God’s intense love for humanity.

Pierre de Craon

Pierre de Craon (pyehr deh kra-YOH[N]), a mason who appears only in the prologue. He bitterly regrets his attempted rape of Violaine. He tells her that his leprosy is a divine punishment for his crime. She believes that his repentance is sincere. He is miraculously cured of his...

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