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Here are some quotes from "Tickets, Please":

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The drivers are often men unfit for active service: cripples and hunchbacks. So they have the spirit of the devil in them.

The drivers of the street car are not fit for military service (the story takes place during World War I). Therefore, John Joseph is regarded as even more comely.

In their ugly blue uniforms, skirts up to their knees, shapeless old peaked caps on their heads, they have all the sang-froid of an old non-commissioned officer.

The female streetcar drivers are portrayed as fearless, much like officers in the army.

It is remarkable, however, that most of the girls are quite comely, they are all young, and this roving life aboard the car gives them a sailor's dash and recklessness.

The female streetcar drivers are young and reckless, and they are likened to sailors who are fearless and dashing.

But Annie had always kept him fully at arm's length. Besides, she had a boy of her own.

At first, Annie keeps John Joseph away, as she has a boyfriend—most likely a man who is away fighting the war.

Annie wanted to consider him a person, a man; she wanted to take an intelligent interest in him, and to have an intelligent response. She did not want a mere nocturnal presence—which was what he was so far.

After Annie and John Joseph go together to the fair, she wants to consider him a real boyfriend and someone who is interested in her as a person. However, John Joseph is not willing to be a real boyfriend.

And suddenly, with a movement like a swift cat, Annie went forward and fetched him a box on the side of the head that sent his cap flying.

Annie turns on John Joseph and begins to attack him like a feral cat.

The girls continued in silence to dress their hair and adjust their clothing, as if he had never existed.

After the female streetcar drivers attack John Joseph, they disregard and forget him.

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