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1. Describe how John Tenniel's illustrations add to the fun and meaning of Through the Looking-Glass. One critic has written, "Alice without Tenniel is no more conceivable than Alice without Carroll." Do you agree?

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2. Explain how the opening and closing poems of Through the Looking-Glass relate to the story.

3. Discuss both the delight and meaning found in Carroll's word play.

4. Explain the significance of names and naming in Through the Looking-Glass.

5. Trace the two psychological patterns working through the novel: the concerns of a growing child and the self-doubts and anxieties of an adult.

6. Describe Alice's relationship with nature in her adventures, especially with the gnat and the fawn.

7. Contrast the characters of the White Knight and Humpty Dumpty.

8. Compare Through the Looking-Glass with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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