Three Sisters Howard Moss (essay date 1977-78) - Essay

Norma Fox Mazer

Howard Moss (essay date 1977-78)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: "Three Sisters," in The Hudson Review XXX, No. 4, Winter 1977-78, pp. 525-43.

[In the following essay, Moss focuses on the motivations, values, and interrelations of the characters in Three Sisters, maintaining that "the webs of characters obscure—and enrich—the scaffold of action" in the drama.]

"Loneliness is a terrible thing, Andrei."

In Three Sisters, the inability to act becomes the action of the play. How to make stasis dramatic is its problem and Chekhov solves it by a gradual deepening of insight rather than by the play of event. The grandeur of great gestures and...

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