Three Sisters Gordon McVay (essay date 1995) - Essay

Norma Fox Mazer

Gordon McVay (essay date 1995)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: "Introduction," in Chekhov's Three Sisters, Bristol Classical Press, 1995, pp. v-xxviii.

[In the essay below, McVay draws on comments by Chekhov in his correspondence regarding art in general and Three Sisters specifically in order to illuminate the play.]

Chekhov's richest and greatest play has inspired a bewildering variety of interpretations since its premiere at the Moscow Arts Theatre on 31 January 1901. Three Sisters (Tri sestry) has been viewed both as tragedy and as comedy, as a poignant testimony to the eternal yearning for love, happiness, beauty, and meaning, or as a devastating indictment of the folly of inert...

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