Chapter 64 Summary

After ensuring that d’Artagnan is safe in a private room where he can grieve, Athos finds the four lackeys and gives them detailed instructions to search the roads leading toward Armentières. Planchet, whom Athos considers the most intelligent, is chosen to follow the road she probably traveled. The other three are assigned to search the other available roads, just in case. He instructs the men to find her and keep watch surreptitiously while one of them returns to show the Musketeers where to find her.

At this point, the narrator comments that Athos is doing a good job organizing the search for Milady. Musketeers are highly visible, and if Athos himself pursued Milady, she might be warned. On the other hand, lackeys are unlikely to be noticed, and they are more likely to be trusted by workers and peasants who may have interacted with Milady on the road.

After the lackeys leave, Athos makes a strange, unexplained errand. He walks quietly up a dark road, stopping several times to ask for directions. The people he speaks to point him in the right direction and then scurry away as if they are afraid. Eventually Athos arrives at a creepy old house and speaks to a creepy old man. At first, the man shakes his head, but then Athos shows him a slip of paper. After that, the old man nods his agreement.

The following day, the four friends and Lord de Winter attend Madame Bonacieux's funeral at the convent. During the service, Athos searches the area and finds clues suggesting that Milady fled in the direction he suspected.

After the funeral, the Musketeers return to their inn and find Planchet waiting. He explains that he followed Milady to Armentières, stopping only to question the carriage drivers who drove her there. He ascertained that she was staying in the main inn in Armentières, posted the other three lackeys as guards, and returned immediately to give Athos the news.

Immediately the four friends, Lord de Winter, and Planchet prepare to ride to Armentières. D'Artagnan urges the others to hurry, but Athos tell them to wait. They obey Athos, and soon the creepy old man from last night’s meeting arrives wearing a mask and a strange red cloak. The old man does not speak, and Athos does not offer an explanation for his presence. Everyone else is quite curious, but they do not press the issue. They set out to find Milady.