Chapter 62 Summary

In her room at the convent, Milady holds a hurried meeting with Count Rochefort. In a rush, she explains that she is almost certain Buckingham has been murdered. She minimizes her role in the events, saying only that “some fanatic” had attacked Buckingham. Rochefort calls this “a piece of luck.”  

As the conversation continues, Milady quickly explains her accidental discovery of Madame Bonacieux, as well as the news about d'Artagnan's imminent arrival at the convent with his three friends. Milady asks Rochefort to urge the Cardinal to arrest d'Artagnan and Athos. She says that Aramis and Porthos should be left alone, Aramis because his relationship with Madame de Chevreuse could prove useful to the Cardinal someday, and Porthos because he is an idiot who will be harmless outside his friends' influence.

Rochefort tells Milady to remain in hiding for a while. It is not safe for her to see the Cardinal because, given her recent role in several major intrigues, she could harm his position politically. However, Rochefort gives her money, a carriage, and a servant so she can move to a place where the four Musketeers will not find her.

Milady says that she will wait in a nearby town called Armentières. It is right on the border, so that she can escape France if necessary. Rochefort does not know this part of France very well, so he asks her to write the word Armentières on a slip of paper lest he forget it. He comments that the note could fall into the wrong hands, but that a note so small could never compromise her. “Anything can compromise anybody," she replies. But she is in too much of a hurry to argue, so she scribbles down the name of the town.

Next, Milady tells Rochefort that she will try to trick Madame Bonacieux into accompanying her to Armentières. She pretends to be doing this purely for the Cardinal, who does not like that the Queen outsmarted him by rescuing and hiding the young woman he was holding prisoner. But ultimately, Milady plans to kill Madame Bonacieux as revenge against d'Artagnan.  

By the end of this short meeting, Rochefort and Milady both seem pleased. He now has good news to convey to the Cardinal, and she has a way of escaping the convent before her enemies arrive. They grin at each other, and Rochefort leaves. An hour later, he arrives in the town of Arras, where he happens to drop the paper containing the word Armentières. Rochefort leaves without noticing d'Artagnan and has no idea that the paper falls into d'Artagnan's hands.