Chapter 59 Summary

At Portsmouth, as Mr. Felton says good-bye to Milady, he feels nervous. However, he believes in her completely, and he is committed to taking revenge for the crimes he believes were committed against her. He arrives at Buckingham's residence looking disheveled, and the guards are not inclined to trust him. However, he is carrying the sealed letter containing the orders for Milady's exile. The guards know that this letter comes from Lord de Winter, a friend of Buckingham’s, so they usher Mr. Felton inside.

Another man, whom the servants do not recognize, arrives at Buckingham’s residence at the same time as Mr. Felton. The stranger refuses to say whom he represents, so Mr. Felton is shown inside first. He hands over Lord de Winter's orders but then tells Buckingham not to sign them. Buckingham waves away Mr. Felton's objections, saying he is condemning a criminal to exile, even though she deserves far worse. Outraged, Mr. Felton tells Buckingham to order Milady's release instead. When Buckingham refuses, Mr. Felton draws a knife and stabs him.

Mr. Felton flees just as Buckingham's servant enters with the stranger who arrived at the same time. The stranger is La Porte, the representative of the Queen of France, who curses himself for coming too late.

At this moment, Lord de Winter arrives breathlessly at Buckingham's residence. This morning, his soldiers noticed the ladder leading from the window Milady's room. When her cell was found empty, Lord de Winter guessed that she had succeeded in tricking Mr. Felton and using him to carry out her assassination plans against Buckingham. When Lord de Winter sees the blood on Mr. Felton's hands, his fears are confirmed. He curses and helps Buckingham's guards arrest Mr. Felton.

As soon as the guards have control of Mr. Felton, Lord de Winter rushes to see the dying Buckingham. Buckingham begs La Porte to read the message from Queen Anne. La Porte complies, but the note only says that the Queen is afraid for his life. She asks him to stop helping La Rochelle lest he end up killed for it. This message disappoints Buckingham, but La Porte adds that the Queen still loves Buckingham. Buckingham dies happy.

Upset, Lord de Winter goes back to Mr. Felton and asks how Milady induced him to commit such a terrible crime. Mr. Felton refuses to explain, but then he looks out over the harbor and spots Milady's ship sailing away. It is not yet nine o'clock in the morning. She did not bother to wait until ten, the time they had appointed to meet. At that moment, he realizes that she is not the pure and innocent victim she pretended to be.

Lord de Winter sees the ship Mr. Felton is watching and guesses that Milady is on board. He shakes his head sadly and says that Mr. Felton will pay for the murder he committed. Then he adds, "I vow that your accomplice will suffer a worse fate!"