Chapter 58 Summary

When the doctor arrives, he confirms that Milady’s wound is not serious. In the morning, she keeps to her bed, pretending weakness. However, by midday she decides to dress and eat so that she will be strong enough to escape if the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, she is not sure it will.

Mr. Felton does not come to see Milady, and the guards who bring her meals are not the ones she knows. The only good development is that someone has boarded up the small window in her door. This means she can pace the room and curse her brother-in-law without being seen from outside.

When Lord de Winter arrives to visit Milady that evening, he says that he has sent Mr. Felton away lest she finish corrupting him. She will sail out tomorrow under the supervision of armed guards who have instructions to kill her if she makes the slightest resistance. Milady thinks she has lost.

Milady spends the evening in an agony of uncertainty as a powerful storm arises outside. Then, amid the clattering of the wind and rain, she hears a hopeful sound: a knocking at the window. She opens it and sees the face of Mr. Felton. He spends an hour sawing through the bars on her window, and then she climbs out, taking nothing with her except her money.

Milady is too weak to climb down Mr. Felton’s rope ladder in the high winds, so he carries her. Halfway down, they hear the footsteps of a passing patrol, and they freeze. Fortunately the guards do not notice them or their ladder in the darkness. Nevertheless, the excitement makes Milady faint in Mr. Felton’s arms.

Mr. Felton carries the unconscious Milady to a rowboat, which they take to a ship he has chartered for their escape. On the way, Milady awakes and asks what he is planning. He says that the ship will drop him off at Portsmouth and then take her anywhere she pleases. She asks what he will do in Portsmouth, and he replies that the Duke of Buckingham is there, preparing to sail to La Rochelle in the morning. “He will not sail,” says Mr. Felton, who is planning to kill Buckingham for his supposed crimes against Milady.

When they arrive at their ship, Mr. Felton and Milady climb aboard. They make some quick negotiations with the captain and set sail for Portsmouth. On the way, Mr. Felton and Milady discuss their plans, and she promises to wait while he visits Buckingham. He urges her to stay only until ten o'clock, and then, if he has not returned, to sail to safety alone.