Chapter 49 Summary

Milady's journey to England is slow and frustrating. She is desperately worried after her confrontation with Athos, and she repeatedly considers aborting the Cardinal's mission and returning to France to deal with her own problems. At one point she demands that the captain of her ship return to the French shore, but he refuses, unwilling to take extra risks during wartime travel just to satisfy a whim he does not understand.

After a difficult passage, Milady's ship finally approaches the English port. As it makes its way toward shore, she sees a proud military fleet and glimpses Buckingham on board. She gets excited as she thinks of the major role she is about to play in his demise.

Just before Milady's ship docks, an officer of the coast guard comes onboard for an inspection. The officer leading the inspection surveys Milady shrewdly and says that she needs to come with him. When she asks why, he says it is merely a normal wartime precaution. She follows him to a rowboat, which takes her to shore.

Onshore, Milady is surprised when the officer leads her to a waiting carriage, and more surprised still when it takes her out of town. She questions the officer closely, but he refuses to provide a full explanation. She shouts for help, but he does not react. She moves to jump from the carriage, and he does not try to stop her. However, he points out that she will kill herself if she tries it. Unnerved, she returns to her original tactic of demanding an explanation. He still refuses to answer, but he promises that she is not going to be harmed. His sincerity makes her feel a little better. He seems like a gentle man, even if he refuses to be manipulated.

After about an hour, the carriage arrives at a country castle. As Milady is brought inside, tall iron gates close behind her. The carriage stops, and the officer takes her through a series of hallways to a large, comfortable room with locks on the doors. This tells her that someone has decided to hold her prisoner here, but she does not know who or why.

Milady does not need to wait long to find out the answer to the first of these two questions. She soon hears footsteps in the hallway and turns to see her captor—her brother-in-law, Lord de Winter. He greets her politely but coldly, and he asks her to sit down and chat.