Chapter 47 Summary

At the bastion, the Musketeers and d'Artagnan take muskets and ammunition from all the corpses while Grimaud lays out their picnic. When everything is ready, the four friends sit down to eat. Athos sends Grimaud a little distance away with his own food, directing him to keep watch while he has his breakfast.

As the meal begins, Athos says calmly that he saw Milady yesterday. This is the first d’Artagnan has heard of her presence near La Rochelle, and the news makes him extremely nervous. After all, she has already tried to kill him twice and will certainly do so again. With breezy unconcern, Athos confirms that she asked the Cardinal to kill d'Artagnan just last night. D'Artagnan shudders.

At this point,...

(The entire section is 649 words.)