Chapter 25 Summary

As usual, d’Artagnan goes to Monsieur de Tréville for help and advice. Tréville thinks the Cardinal must be responsible for Madame Bonacieux’s abduction, but he does not know what can be done. He promises to find out all he can and to inform the Queen. He urges d’Artagnan to get out of Paris in the meantime.

It is seven o’clock in the morning when d’Artagnan arrives home. Monsieur Bonacieux is standing in his doorway, and he teases d’Artagnan about being out all night and coming home with his boots covered in mud. D’Artagnan notices that Bonacieux looks tired and muddy himself, and suddenly he realizes that Bonacieux was probably the fat man with the kidnappers at the lodge last night. D’Artagnan is...

(The entire section is 601 words.)