Chapter 18 Summary

D’Artagnan quickly explains to Madame Bonacieux that he can hear everything that happens in her husband’s apartment through his floor. This, he adds, was how he knew she needed rescue the day they met. Because of his eavesdropping, he already knows that Madame Bonacieux needs a brave and loyal man to do an errand for the Queen, and he begs to be that man—partly because he cares about the Queen, and partly because he loves Madame Bonacieux.

Madame Bonacieux hesitates to trust d’Artagnan. He is very young, and she does not yet know him well. In the end, d’Artagnan convinces her to trust him just by declaring his love and loyalty so sincerely that she cannot doubt it.

D’Artagnan wants to leave...

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