Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time Chapter 6 Summary

Greg Mortenson

Chapter 6 Summary

Rawalpindi’s Rooftops at Dusk

Greg sleeps with his money in a sack under his clothes: twelve thousand dollars for the school and eight hundred dollars for his expenses over the next few months. His journey takes fifty-six hours because he bought only the cheapest tickets, and he spends his entire first day in Rawalpindi sleeping off his jet lag. In his mind, every cent he spends is stealing money from the school, so he spends the night in a small glass room on the roof of a hotel. The hotel watchman asks about Greg’s plans. When he hears about the school and understands what Greg has sacrificed to be here, he promises to help Greg bargain for the building supplies he will need. As Greg listens to...

(The entire section is 571 words.)