Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time Chapter 3 Summary

Greg Mortenson

Chapter 3 Summary

Progress and Perfection

Mortenson wakes up in the dark, snug beneath a quilt and serenaded by a chorus of snores, then falls back asleep. The next time he wakes up he is alone and it is daylight. The chief’s wife brings him some food and sweet tea, which Mortenson consumes hungrily. She is the only Balti woman ever to approach him, and she laughs as she watches him eat and drink. After she leaves he studies his surroundings, and he sees that though they are a poor people, they honored him with the best they had. When he leaves the house, he joins the rest of the village to watch a spectacle taking place over the river far below. Someone is pulling himself across the river hand-over-hand toward Korphe....

(The entire section is 908 words.)