Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time Chapter 2 Summary

Greg Mortenson

Chapter 2 Summary

The Wrong Side of the River

In the morning, Greg unwinds from his thin wool blanket and is a bit disoriented. It is a beautiful but still deadly setting, and he tries to rub some feeling back into parts of his body. As the blood begins to flow through his body, the “details of his predicament” flood his mind. His circumstances have not changed, but everything appears more hopeful at the beginning of a new day. A carrion bird circles overhead but leaves as he sees movement below. Mortenson’s plan is to backtrack for a few hours until he runs into the trail, so he begins the journey to find his traveling companions. Several hours pass. Greg climbs over a small peak of the glacier and is blinded by...

(The entire section is 923 words.)