Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time Chapter 15 Summary

Greg Mortenson

Chapter 15 Summary

Mortenson in Motion

In the basement of the Mortenson home is the Central Asia Institute's (CAI's) office. Greg is on the phone with Ghulam Parvi in Pakistan. Greg learns that a village leader near Korphe has declared a fatwa against him because he plans to educate girls as well as boys. Parvi is outraged, knowing this move is about money and power, not religion or Islam. Although Greg understands the gravity of such a declaration, he is far enough away to react more calmly than Parvi. The plan is to find a more powerful mullah to deal with rather than pay the bribe that the offending tribal leader demands. Greg knows he will have to go back to Pakistan sooner than he had anticipated....

(The entire section is 880 words.)