Characters Discussed


Lucas, a friendly but ugly miller who, each day, entertains the clergy and the military in the shade of his grape arbor. When Eugenio, the mayor, tries secretly to visit Lucas’ wife one evening, Lucas, in Eugenio’s cloak and three-cornered hat, goes calling on Eugenio’s wife, Doña Mercedes. Each man is quickly rebuffed by the other’s faithful wife.


Frasquita (frahs-KEE-tah), Lucas’ young and attractive wife, who is completely faithful to him. When the mayor, coming to see her, falls into the millpond, she has Weasel look after him while she goes hunting for Lucas.

Don Eugenio

Don Eugenio (eh-ew-HEHN-ee-oh), the corregidor, or mayor. He has designs on Frasquita. Everybody recognizes his big three-cornered hat.

Doña Mercedes

Doña Mercedes (mehr-SAY-dehs), the wife of Eugenio.


Weasel, the bailiff, who plots to keep Lucas away from the mill overnight so that his master can visit Frasquita.

The bishop

The bishop, another frequent caller at Lucas’ mill.