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Kevin Parson

Kevin is a twenty-eight-year-old seminary student who learns that he is being pursued by a notorious and dangerous serial killer. His life is gravely endangered, and he has to wrestle with truths about his own life and mortality while exploring deep Christian themes like forgiveness and death. Though Kevin seems to be a very innocent and good-natured person, it is revealed that he has his own struggles with sin that require him to confess and repent in order to gain his freedom and redeem his life from the hands of the serial killer. Parson is the "everyman" representing humanity and its need for salvation, along with its sins that have yet to be repented of.

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Richard Slater

Slater is a nigh omniscient-seeming serial killer who pursues his victims and gives them one opportunity at life—if they confess their sins. He represents the antithesis of a loving God. Slater is a paragon of his own form of justice; he believes that all sin should be immediately punished with death and has chosen to enact his will on specific individuals. His uncanny ability to know the unrepentant hearts of his victims makes him seem almost godlike.

Samantha Sheer

A friend of Kevin's who works as an FBI agent, Samantha acts as a "guardian angel" of sorts, helping both to track down Slater and to facilitate Kevin's wrestling with his own sins and intentions. She helps him realize that he does carry sins and enables him to confess them and clear his conscience.

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