Thomas Percy Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Hau Kiou Choaan or The Pleasing History. A Translation from the Chinese Language. To Which Are Added, I. The Argument or Story of a Chinese Play, II. A Collection of Chinese Proverbs, and III. Fragments of Chinese Poetry. In Four Volumes. With Notes [editor and part translator] (novel) 1761

The Matrons. Six Short Histories [editor and part translator] (short stories) 1762

Five Pieces of Runic Poetry Translated from the Islandic Language [translator] (poetry) 1763

The Song of Solomon, Newly Translated from the Original Hebrew: With a Commentary and Annotations [translator] (poetry) 1764

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our earlier Poets, (Chiefly of the lyric Kind.) Together with some few of later Date 3 vols. [editor] (poetry) 1765

A Key to the New Testament. Giving an Account of the several Books, their Contents, their Authors, And of the Times and Occasions, on which they were respectively written (nonfiction) 1766

Four Essays, as Improved and Enlarged in the Second Edition of the Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (essays) 1767

Northern Antiquities: Or, a Description of the Manners, Customs, Religion and Laws of the Ancient Danes, and other Northern Nations; Including those of Our own Saxon Ancestors. With a Translation of the Edda, or System of Runic Mythology, and Other Pieces, from the Ancient Islandic Tongue. In Two Volumes. Translated from Mons. Mallet's Introduction a l'Histoire de Dannemarc, &.c. With Additional Notes by the English Translator, and Goranson's Latin Version of the Edda [translator] (poetry) 1770

The Hermit of Warksworth. A Northumberland Ballad. In Three Fits or Cantos (poetry) 1771