Thomas Moore Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Odes of Anacreon [translator] (poetry) 1800

The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Little, Esq. [as Thomas Little, Esq.] (poetry) 1801

Epistles, Odes, and Other Poems (poetry) 1806

The Irish Melodies. 10 vols. (song lyrics) 1808-34

M. P.; or, The Blue-Stocking (drama) 1811

Intercepted Letters; or, The Two-Penny Post-Bag [as Thomas Brown the Younger] (poetry) 1813

Lalla Rookh, An Oriental Romance (poetry) 1817

The Fudge Family in Paris [as Thomas Brown the Younger] (poetry) 1818

Fables for the Holy Alliance [as Thomas Brown the Younger] (poetry) 1823

The Loves of the Angels (poetry) 1823

Memoirs of Captain Rock, the Celebrated Irish Chieftain, with Some Account of His Ancestors (novel) 1824

Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan (biography) 1825

The Epicurean (novel) 1827

Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, with Notices of His Life. 2 vols. (biography) 1830-31

The Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald (biography) 1831

Travels of an Irish Gentleman in Search of a Religion (essays) 1833

The Fudge Family in England [as Thomas Brown the Younger] (poetry) 1835

The History of Ireland. 4 vols. (history) 1835-46

The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore, Collected by Himself. 10 vols. (poetry) 1840-41

The Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore. 8 vols. (memoirs, journal, and letters) 1853-56

The Complete Poetical Work (poetry) 1895

The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore (poetry) 1910