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Better known for his nonfiction prose than his poetry, Thomas Merton (MEHR-tuhn) wrote an autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain (1948); four journals, The Secular Journal (1959), The Sign of Jonas (1953), Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (1966), and The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton (1973); and numerous books of theology and devotion, including Seasons of Celebration (1950), No Man Is an Island (1955), and Contemplative Prayer (1969). His other works include an early novel, published posthumously, My Argument with the Gestapo (1969); translations of church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria (1962) and The Wisdom of the Desert (1960); and several works about Eastern religion: The Way of Chuang Tzu (1965), Mystics and Zen Masters (1967), and Zen and the Birds of Appetite (1968). Merton published numerous articles on a similar range of topics in periodicals such as Commonweal, Catholic Worker, American Benedictine Review, Jubilee, and Sewanee Review. A selection of his photographs and calligraphy has been published by John Howard Griffin in A Hidden Wholeness (1970). Merton’s literary essays, introductions, and related materials are collected in The Literary Essays of Thomas Merton (1981).