Thomas Lodge Additional Biography


(Great Authors of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Thomas Lodge was possibly born in London in 1558, the same year that Henry VIII took the throne. Lodge was educated at Oxford University. A prolific writer, he published extensively in a number of genres. His father, Sir Thomas Lodge, had an auspicious political career, serving as an alderman and, for a time, as the lord mayor of London. His income, however, was not sufficient to offer his son a lavish education.

As a child, Lodge grew up under the care of the earls of Derby from the Stanley family. In the household, Lodge served as a page and was able to learn music, languages, and the fine arts of societal life. In 1571, immediately following his time with the Stanleys, Lodge went to the Merchant Taylors’ School in London. Two years later, he was enrolled at Trinity College, Oxford. During his term at Oxford, he was admitted with reduced tuition because of financial problems suffered by his father. Such were the magnitude of these difficulties that the elder Lodge spent a short period in prison for failure to pay debts. Graduating from Oxford in 1578, Thomas Lodge proceeded to law school in London as a member of Lincoln’s Inn. As a member of this group, he could expect eventually to serve in government or at court. During his time there, two significant events took place. First, his mother died, leaving him a will that imposed constraints upon him designed to guide him in a direction of which she would approve. For Lady Lodge, this meant a strict...

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