Thomas H. Ince *Principal Works - Essay

*Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Little Nell's Tobacco (film) 1910

A Manly Man (film) 1911

The Aggressor (film) 1911

Artful Kate (film) 1911

Behind the Stockade (film) 1911

The Dream (film) 1911

The Fisher-Maid (film) 1911

For Her Brother's Sake (film) 1911

Her Darkest Hour (film) 1911

In Old Madrid (film) 1911

In the Sultan's Garden (film) 1911

Maid or Man (film) 1911

The Message in the Bottle (film) 1911

The New Cook (film) 1911

The New Cowboy (film) 1911

The Silver Dollar (film) 1911

Sweet Memories of Yesterday (film) 1911

Their First Misunderstanding (film) 1911

The Winning of Wonega (film) 1911

A Double Reward (film) 1912

Across the Plains (film) 1912

The Battle of the Red Men (film) 1912

The Colonel's Ward (film) 1912

The Crisis (film) 1912

Custer's Last Fight (film) 1912

The Deserter (film) 1912

For Freedom of Cuba (film) 1912

The Hidden Trail (film) 1912

The Indian Massacre (film) 1912

The Invaders (film) 1912

The Law of the West (film) 1912

Lieutenant's Last Fight (film) 1912

On the Firing Line (film) 1912

Renegade (film) 1912

War on the Plains (film) 1912

When Lee Surrenders (film) 1912

A Shadow of the Past (film) 1913

The Ambassador's Envoy (film) 1913

The Battle of Gettysburg (film) 1913

Bread Cast upon the Water (film) 1913

The Boomerang (film) 1913

Days of '49 (film) 1913

The Drummer of the Eighth (film) 1913

The Mosaic Law (film) 1913

The Pride of the South (film) 1913

The Seal of Silence (film) 1913

With Lee in Virginia (film) 1913

A Relic of Old Japan (film) 1914

The Golden Goose (film) 1914

The Last of the Line (film) 1914

Love's Sacrifice (film) 1914

One of the Discard (film) 1914

The Despotier (film) 1915

The Aryan [producer] (film) 1916

Civilization [producer] (film) 1916

*Ince collaborated to some degree on nearly all of his films. The Principal Works list includes only those works (except for Civilization and The Aryan) for which he is named as the principal director.