Thomas Durfey Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Archerie Reviv'd, or, The Bow-Man's Excellence: An Heroick Poem [with Robert Shotterel] (poetry) 1676

The Fool Turn'd Critic (play) 1676

Madam Fickle: Or, The Witty False One (play) 1676

The Siege of Memphis: Or, The Ambitious Queen (play) 1676

A Fond Husband: Or, The Plotting Sisters (play) 1677

Squire Oldsapp: Or, The Night-Adventurers (play) 1678

The Virtuous Wife: Or, Good Luck at Last (play) 1679

The Royalist, London (play) 1681

Sir Barnaby Whigg: Or, No Wit Like a Woman's (play) 1681

The Injured Princess: Or, The Fatal Wager [adaptor; from William Shakespeare's play Cymbeline] (play) 1682

A New Collection of Songs and Poems (songs and poetry) 1683

Choice New Songs Never Before Printed (songs) 1684

Several New Songs (songs) 1684

An Elegy Upon the Blessed Monarch King Charles II. And Two Panegyricks Upon Their Present Sacred Majesties, King James and Queen Mary (poetry) 1685

A Third Collection of New Songs Never Printed Before (songs) 1685

The Banditti; Or, A Ladies Distress (play) 1686

A Compleat Collection of Mr. D'Urfey's Songs and Odes, Whereof the First Part Never Before Published (songs and poetry) 1687

A Poem Congratulatory on the Birth of the Young Prince, Most Humbly Dedicated to Their August Majesties King James, and Queen Mary (poetry) 1688

Collin's Walk Through London and Westminster: A Poem in Burlesque (poetry) 1690

New Poems, Consisting of Satyrs, Elegies, and...

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