Thomas Burke Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Verses (poetry) 1910

Pavements and Pastures: A Book of Songs (poetry) 1912

Nights in Town: A London Autobiography (autobiography) 1915; also published as Nights in London, 1916

Limehouse Nights: Tales of Chinatown (short stories) 1916

London Lamps: A Book of Songs (poetry) 1917

Twinkletoes: A Tale of Chinatown (novel) 1917

Out and About: A Note-Book of London in War-Time (essays) 1919; also published as Out and About in London, 1919

The Song Book of Quong Lee of Limehouse (poetry) 1920

The Outer Circle: Rambles in Remote London (essays) 1921

Whispering Windows: Tales of the Waterside (short stories) 1921; also published as More Limehouse Nights, 1921

The London Spy: A Book of Town Travels (essays) 1922

The Wind and the Rain: A Book of Confessions (novel) 1924

The Sun in Splendour (novel) 1926

East of Mansion House (short stories) 1928

Essays of Today and Yesterday (essays) 1928

The Bloomsbury Wonder (short stories) 1929

The Flower of Life (novel) 1929

The English Inn (nonfiction) 1930

The Pleasantries of Old Quong (short stories) 1931; also published as A Tea-Shop in Limehouse, 1931

City of Encounters: A London Divertissement (essays) 1932

The Real East End (essays) 1932

The Beauty of England (essays) 1933

London in My Times (essays) 1934

Murder at Elstree: or, Mr. Thurtell and His Gig (novel) 1936

Night Pieces: Eighteen Tales (short stories) 1936

Abduction: A Story of Limehouse (novel) 1939

Living in Bloomsbury (autobiography) 1939

The Streets of London Through the Centuries (nonfiction) 1940

English Night-Life, From Norman Curfew to Present Black-Out (nonfiction) 1941

Travel in England from Pilgrim to Pack-Horse to Light Car and Plane (nonfiction) 1943

Dark Nights (short stories) 1944

The English Townsman As He Was and As He Is (nonfiction) 1946

Son of London (autobiography) 1946

The Best Stories of Thomas Burke (short stories) 1950