Thomas B(ertram) Costain Paul M. Kendall - Essay

Paul M. Kendall

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

In "The Three Edwards," Thomas B. Costain continues his history of England since the Norman Conquest (The Pageant of England: "The Conquerors," "The Magnificent Century") The volume deals with a turbulent reach of human experience, stretching from the thirteenth century of iron-fisted Edward I, law-giver and conqueror, when French was still the language of law-court and great hall, to the restless unhappy close of the reign of Edward III….

To a popular historian like Mr. Costain, the period offers a wonderful story and barbed personalities: the romantic struggles of Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the inept life and horrible death of Edward II, the victories of Crécy and Poitiers, the...

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