Thomas B(ertram) Costain Geoffrey Bruun - Essay

Geoffrey Bruun

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"Historians' English," Philip Guedalla asserted, "is not a style; it is an occupational disease." To this verdict Thomas B. Costain would add a fervent Amen. The author of "The Black Rose" and "The Moneyman" has turned from his triumphs in historical fiction to write a popular history ["The Conquerors"]. "The picture that emerges," he submits in a pugnacious preface, "is, in my opinion, an honest and complete one." On this point some critics may have their reservations, but few will deny that the picture is detailed, diverting, and undeniably dramatic.

"The Conquerors" opens a series which will be known as "The Pageant of England." It covers, as the tedious textbook writers would say, the period from...

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