Allen Curnow Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Poetry Criticism)

Valley of Decision 1933

Three Poems 1935

Enemies: Poems, 1934-36 1937

Not in Narrow Seas 1939

Island and Time 1941

Recent Poems [with A. R. D. Fairburn, Denis Glover, and R. A. K. Mason] 1941

Verses [as Whim-Wham] 1942

Sailing or Drowning 1943

Jack Without Magic 1946

At Dead Low Water, and Sonnets 1949

Poems, 1949-1957 1957

The Best of Whim-Wham [as Whim-Wham] 1959

A Small Room with Large Windows 1962

Whim-Wham Land [as Whim-Wham] 1967

Trees, Effigies, Moving Objects: A Sequence of Poems 1972

An Abominable Temper, and Other Poems 1973

Collected Poems, 1933-1973 1974

An Incorrigible Music: A Sequence of Poems 1979

You Will Know When You Get There: Poems, 1979-81 1982

The Loop in Lone Kauri Road: Poems, 1983-1985 1986

Continuum: New and Later Poems, 1972-1988 1988

Selected Poems, 1940-1989 1990

Early Days Yet: New and Collected Poems, 1941-1997 1997

The Bells of Saint Babel's: Poems, 1997-2000 2001

Poetry and Language (manifesto) 1935

A Book of New Zealand Verse, 1923-45 [editor] (anthology) 1945; revised as A Book of New Zealand Verse, 1923-50 1951

The Axe: A Verse Tragedy (verse play) 1949

Moon Section (play) 1959

The Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse (anthology) 1960

Doctor Pom (play) 1964

*Four Plays (plays) 1972

Look Back Harder: Critical Writings, 1935-84 (essays) 1987

*This collection includes a revised version of The Axe and three radio plays, The Overseas Expert (1961), The Duke's Miracle (1967), and Resident of Nowhere (1969).