The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Conrad Nomikos, the Greek protagonist of This Immortal, is a mutation caused by Earth’s atomic war. Although his physical aberrations are minor, Nomikos is 234 years old and shows no signs of aging. His mutation also has granted him great strength and an imperfect telepathic ability.

Nomikos’ Earth is a shattered world. The prewar population centers are cauldrons of radioactivity and mutation, and most of Earth’s four million people live on the oceanic islands, which escaped nuclear targeting. The rest of humanity lives on Vegan planets, and the seat of human government is on the planet Taler. The Vegans helped humanity because they are fascinated by Earth’s self-destructive culture. They also acquired a taste for Coca-Cola and human women.

Earth citizens angered by Vega’s benign domination form a revolutionary group called Radpol. Its goals are to free Earth from Vega and Taler and convince humanity to return home. Nomikos commands Radpol under the name Konstantin Karaghios and leads an unsuccessful war of independence. After Radpol’s defeat, Nomikos stages a boating accident to kill the Karaghios persona.

This Immortal begins fifty years later. Nomikos is now the Commissioner of Earthoffice Department of Arts, Monuments, and Archives under the Taler government. In this role, he directs the preservation and reconstruction of Earth’s cultural remains.

When Vegan aristocrat Cort Myshtigo...

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