Things Fall Apart Overview Quiz

Told in three parts, this novel explores the conflicts and tensions within Nigeria's Igbo society and the changes colonial rule and Christianity bring about. Be sure you recall how the characters adapt, or fail to do so, by taking the eNotes quiz for Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

  1. What does Okoye ask Unoka to return?

  2. “A Changeling Child” is called a:

  3. Who is the first missionary to arrive in Umuofia?

  4. In order to join the church, “outcasts” must:

  5. Why is Okonkwo exiled?

  6. What animals are considered “holy”?

  7. What upsetting announcement is made by Ogbuefi Ezeudu to the thousands of men gathered in the marketplace?

  8. What does Okonkwo accuse Ekwefi of doing?

  9. What crop does Okonkwo lose, first to drought, then to rain?

  10. How does Unoka welcome Okoye?