Things Fall Apart Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

Chinua Achebe

Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Describe the story Okonkwo’s mother used to tell him that explained why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears.

2. Give two examples proving that the relationship between Ezinma and Ekwefi was a companionship of equals.

3. Why did Ekwefi stay with her people during her third pregnancy?

4. How was Ekwefi’s despair reflected in the names she gave her children?

5. Describe the medicine man famous for his knowledge of ogbanje children.

6. Why did the medicine man drag the corpse of the dead ogbanje child into the Evil Forest?

7. Why did Ekwefi grow bitter about her own chi?

8. Why did Ezinma take the medicine man and her...

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