Things Fall Apart Chapter 22 Questions and Answers

Chinua Achebe

Chapter 22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. In Umuofia they say “as a man danced so the drums were beaten for him.” (p. 131) How does this saying relate to Reverend Smith?

2. Why is Reverend Smith filled with wrath when he hears that a woman in the congregation allows her husband to mutilate her dead child?

3. Why do the villagers call Enoch “The Outsider who wept louder than the bereaved”? (p. 131)

4. What is the greatest crime a man can commit in Umuofia?

5. Why is Enoch disappointed to be hidden in the parsonage?

6. Why does Ajofia address Mr. Smith by saying, “The body of the white man, do you know me?” (p. 134)

7. Explain why Okeke is not on the best terms...

(The entire section is 470 words.)