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Things Fall Apart

by Chinua Achebe

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Chapter 21 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What arguments does Akunna use to convince Mr. Brown that lesser gods act as messengers to Chukwu?

2. Why does Mr. Brown disapprove of Enoch’s behavior?

3. What is Mr. Brown’s attitude toward the traditional Igbo religion?

4. Akunna explains that the Igbo know Chukwu as the great creator god because many children are named Chukwuka. What does the name mean?

5. Why does Mr. Brown visit Okonkwo?

6. What is Nwoye’s new Christian name?

7. How does Okonkwo respond to Mr. Brown’s visit?

8. Why does Mr. Brown leave his mission?

9. Why does Okonkwo feel as though he has returned in the wrong year?

10. Describe Okonkwo’s homecoming.

1. Akunna says that the lesser gods act as messengers to Chukwu just like Mr. Brown acts as a messenger of his church and the District Commissioner acts as a messenger of the ruler in England.

2. Mr. Brown disapproves of Enoch’s action because he is overzealous and provokes the clan. Enoch is the son of the snake cult’s priest. He killed and ate a sacred python.

3. Mr. Brown respects the traditional Igbo religion.

4. The name Chukwuka means “Chukwu is Supreme.”

5. Mr. Brown visits Okonkwo to tell him that he has just sent Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye, to a new training college for teachers.

6. Nwoye’s new Christian name is Isaac.

7. Okonkwo has Mr. Brown driven out of his homestead. He threatens to have him carried out if he comes again.

8. Mr. Brown leaves his mission because he is in poor health. He is very sorry to leave the people.

9. Okonkwo cannot initiate his sons in the ozo society immediately. He has to wait two years for the next round of initiation ceremonies.

10. Okonkwo’s homecoming is disappointing to him. It is a nonevent to the rest of the villagers. The Igbo people are excited and concerned about the new religion, the new government, and the new economy. They are not concerned about Okonkwo.

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