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Things Fall Apart

by Chinua Achebe

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Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Okonkwo display his fierce and warlike nature at important occasions in the village?

2. Give examples illustrating the Igbo people’s vague terror of darkness.

3. Why would the people of Umuofia be beaten in the war with Mbaino if they disobeyed the Oracles of the Hills and Caves?

4. Why is Ikemefuna selected by the people of Mbaino to serve as the peace sacrifice for Umuofia?

5. Okonkwo is very strong and rarely feels tired. How would you describe Okonkwo’s three wives and children?

6. Why is Nwoye developing into a sad-faced youth?

7. Which one of Okonkwo’s wives is the most afraid of him and why?

8. Why does Okonkwo rule his household with a heavy hand?

9. How is Unoka regarded by many members of the village?

10. Why is Okonkwo asked to become Ikemefuna’s guardian?

1. Okonkwo displays his warlike nature on occasions such as funerals by drinking his palm wine from the first human head he captured in battle.

2. The Igbo people do not play in the open fields on dark and silent nights.

3. The people of Umuofia would be beaten in the war with Mbaino if they disobeyed the Oracles of the Hills and Caves because their gods would not allow them to fight a war of blame.

4. The people of Mbaino select Ikemefuna as the peace sacrifice because his father participated in murdering the woman from Umuofia in the marketplace.

5. Okonkwo’s wives and children are not as strong as Okonkwo.

6. Nwoye is developing into a sad-faced youth because he is constantly nagged and beaten by his father, Okonkwo.

7. The third wife is the most afraid of Okonkwo because she is the youngest.

8. Okonkwo rules his household with a heavy hand because he wants his family to work hard and prosper. He is also afraid of appearing weak like his father.

9. The villagers think Unoka is like a weak woman because he did not earn any titles.

10. Okonkwo is asked to become Ikemefuna’s guardian because he is a prosperous village leader.

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