Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why do the villagers think the Evil Forest is a good home for the Christians?

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2. Why would an Igbo who killed a Christian have to flee from the clan?

3. Why are the Igbo Christians upset about admitting the osu?

4. How does Mr. Kiaga react to the osu?

5. Why are some of the osu afraid to shave off their long hair?

6. How does Mr. Kiaga reason with the osu about shaving their dirty hair?

7. Why is the python revered?

8. Why do some villagers want to remain uninvolved in the conflict surrounding Okoli?

9. Okonkwo asks the clan to reason like men. What does he say he would do if a man came into his hut and defecated on the floor?

10. When does Okonkwo grind his teeth and why?

1. The villagers feel that if a gang of efulefu decide to live in the Evil Forest, it is their own affair. The Evil Forest is filled with sinister forces; therefore, it is a good home for such marginal people.

2. Anyone who kills a Christian will be banished because even though Christians are considered worthless, they still belong to the clan.

3. The church is upset about admitting the osu because they are outcasts and slaves.

4. Mr. Kiaga says that all people are children of God; there is no slave before God. The church must receive their osu brothers, and the osu need Christ. On judgment day, God will laugh at the Igbo who ostracize the osu.

5. Some of the osu are afraid to shave off their long hair because a razor is taboo to them; they are afraid they will die.

6. Mr. Kiaga says he did not die after he built his church in the Evil Forest. He did not die because he took care of twins. He calls the Igbos who speak falsehoods “heathens.” He says the word of God is true.

7. The python is revered because it comes from the god of water. No one has ever deliberately killed a python.

8. Some villagers feel they should put their fingers into their ears when a man blasphemes. It is not their custom to fight for their gods.

9. Okonkwo says if a man came into his hut and defecated on the floor, he would not shut his eyes; he would take a stick and break his head.

10. Okonkwo grinds his teeth in disgust during the meeting of the Mbanta elders because they decide not to take violent action against the Christians.

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