Things Fall Apart Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

Chinua Achebe

Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do the villagers think the Evil Forest is a good home for the Christians?

2. Why would an Igbo who killed a Christian have to flee from the clan?

3. Why are the Igbo Christians upset about admitting the osu?

4. How does Mr. Kiaga react to the osu?

5. Why are some of the osu afraid to shave off their long hair?

6. How does Mr. Kiaga reason with the osu about shaving their dirty hair?

7. Why is the python revered?

8. Why do some villagers want to remain uninvolved in the conflict surrounding Okoli?

9. Okonkwo asks the clan to reason like men. What does he say he would do if a...

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